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How to Program
or Copy EPROMs?

Programmers Home Programmer Adapter IC Programming Services.jpg How to do EPROM Programming

How to?

EPROM IC Chip Programming 101

(1A) How to
copy or program
an EPROM chip easily
with our friendly software
How to Program EPROM
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(1B) How to
select an
EPROM programmer

EPROM IC Chip Programming 102
Doing it More Efficiently and Faster.

(2A) How to setup
project files
Icon programmer project
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EPROM IC Chip Programming 103
Using the Programmer in Stand-alone Mode
(Without the Computer. Applies to SuperPro-6100 and SuperPro-611S only.)

(3A) How to setup
compact flash card
stand-alone operation
Link programmer stand alone
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(3B) How to
operate programmer
stand-alone mode

(3C) How do
[Stand-alone Mode]
[Production Mode] together work

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