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How to Program an EPROM Easily,
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How to use a Universal EPROM Programmer to
Program an EPROM (or Other IC Chips) Easily

Many years of software development experience has given us unique capabilities of providing good programming software. Our goal is to provide lots of useful functions and information without the looks of complexity. Following is a few snap-shots of what our software can do for you.

Programmer S/W for SuperPro Series of Programmers

Clicking on the [Device] icon allows you to select the IC chip (i.e. device) by manufacturer and part number:

EPROM programmer software
(Click to Enlarge)

Only Two Clicks Needed to Copy a Chip

Clicking on the [Read] icon allows you to read from a chip (e.g. aa master chip). The reading process puts the data into the computer buffer. The checksum is displayed automatically.

EPROM programmer screen

[Program] programs a brand new chip.
It also brags about how little time was taken.
EPROM programmer user interface

That is it!. That is all it takes to duplicate a master chip to a blank chip.

Additional Programmer Functions

You can [Verify] a chip against the data in the buffer.
Chip programmer software

If it does not match, it tells you where and what.
Chip programmer software

[Auto] automatically erases a chip, does a blank check
to make sure the chip is erased, programs the chip,
and then verifies it, all in one sequence.
Chip programmer software

Files and Data

[Load File] loads the data from a file into the data buffer
(which is in the computer).
Chip programmer software screen

In [Load File ], you can select different file formats.
Chip programmer software

If you need to do 1-to-2 split, or 1-to-4 split, in either byte-mode or word-mode, it is a snap with our software.
Chip programmer software

The [Buffer] icon allows you to see the data and also change it. The right side displays the data in ASCII format for you to easily recognise ASCII strings.
Chip programmer software
(Click to Enlarge)

A Lot More

Our software has a lot more features and functions than can be described here. They are all designed to save you time and increase your productivity.

If your time, project, or job is important to uyou,
please consider logo

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