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Useful Links

Third Party Hardware/Software Design Consultants
Links to Chip Manufacturers
Links to Chip Distributors

Links to Chip Manufacturers
Alliance Altera AMD AMI/Gould
Aptos Atmel AT&T Catalyst
Cypress Dallas Fairchild Fujitsu
Hitachi Intel ISSI Lattice 
Macronix Microchip Micron Mitsubishi
Motorola National Oki Philips/Signetics
Samsung Sharp Siemens/Infineon SST
STMicroelectronics TI Toshiba Turbo-IC
Vantis Winbond WSI Xicor
Xilinx Zilog

Links to Chip Distributors
Allied Electronics Anthem Electronics
Arrow Electronics Avnet Electronics
Bell Microproducts Digi-Key Corp.
Future Electronics Insight Electronics
Wyle Electronics 1Stop Programmers

Partners and Other Links - EPROM programmer sales
Xing King - Metal Parts Stamping

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